Photos of Multicultural Celebration

Multicultural Celebration – What a Success!

Wow, what a celebration! Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our Multicultural Celebration a great success. Here are some of the comments from our visitors:

  • Amazing!
  • Great!
  • Enjoyable and educational
  • Awesome!
  • It was great work!
  • Learnt a thing or two! Thanks.
  • Very interesting information.
  • Very interesting and well presented.
  • Great!
  • Super fun!
  • Fantastic!!
  • What diversity in one school.
  • Fabulous!
  • Amazing, mesmerising


Ideas for Multicultural Celebration

A country display could include:
• An interactive “show and touch” table – Objects included should be ones that can be handled by kids, without breaking (nothing fragile!!!!). Eg: maps, flags, clothing, pictures, jewellery, toys, dolls, games, posters, textiles, wooden objects…

• A dance from another country

• A demonstration eg. sumo wrestling (Japan), demonstration of chopsticks (China)

• A food sample for visitors to taste

• Students in costume

• Students presenting short welcome ceremonies using the language and movements of their respective countries

Acquaintance Night – Volunteers needed to support Year 5/6 students – Multicultural Event

Multicultural Event
Harmony Day 21st March

Could you devote some time to assist a small group to run a cultural activity to inform/ engage our community?
Please add your name and cultural background to our volunteers list in either of the Year 5/6 classes or the library.
We would really appreciate your assistance/ support in the lead up and on the day, if you have time to spare.

Thank you.

Countries of Birth – Whole School

Country of birth Tally
Australia 310
New Zealand 7
China 8
Malaysia 10
United Kingdom 7
United Arab Emirates 6
Korea 3
India 19
Taiwan 1
America 4
Ireland 2
Equador 1
Turkey 1
Denmark 2
Philippines 4
Thailand 1
Hong Kong 4
Italy 2
Netherlands 1
Vietnam 1
Saudi Arabia 4
Romania 1
Pakistan 7
Indonesia 1
Columbia 2
Sri Lanka 5
Poland 2
Jamaica 1
Singapore 2
Zimbabwe 1
England 1
South Africa 1
Germany 1
Iran 2

Types of Migration: A summary by Emma Room 11

There are 3 main groups of migration (family, skilled and humanitarian). 67% of migrants are skilled and looking for jobs. The criteria needed is to have English ability, qualifications and work experience. For people to get into family stream, migrants must have close family in Australia already. There is no type of test to get into Australia if a migrant is coming because of family. Humanitarian program helps refugees in need of a safe place to live. 3 reasons why this program is needed is because of war, famine or persecution. This program protects refugees in and out of Australia. In 2008-2009, 13,507 people were helped in Australia and 11,010 people were helped in their own country.