Batteries and their effect on the environment

In Room 11, we have been learning about the effects batteries can have on our environment. The students worked in groups to suggest a school-wide program that could reduce the number of batteries Norwood Primary School students dispose of in landfill.

Geography – Liveability – Year 7

Draw up a table or use a spreadsheet on your computer to collect at least five sets of information to compare the top 10 and the bottom 10 in the liveable cities list.

Explain your findings.



Little Lunch – Things to do to

Stage Purpose Frame Props Script


Who is your main character and how do we get to know them?

Background – where?

Close up

Wide shot


Something happens

How did it all start?

3 How does it become a tricky situation?
4 The Climax – What is the turning point of your story?
5 The End – Do things sort themselves out or does it just end in a big mess?