Beebot Boards Room 1

Mission 1: Jack and Michael
Start at the baby quokka in its habitat of open bushland. It has to go to get the food, bark of trees, grass and stem fruit. Then it has to go to the right of the food to get to its mother.

Beebot Mission 1: Emma J

Start at the baby freshwater crocodile and then go to the food – fish, turtle and spider. Then go and get to the adult freshwater crocodile.

Here is the code to follow:

Mission 1: Penny
Start at the adult Bettong. Go forwards 1 step and turn to the right. Take 2 steps forward then you will see the predator. Then quickly turn to the right before the predator gets you. Go straight. Turn up. Take 2 steps up. Turn to the right. Take 2 steps and you’ve reached your destination.

Beebot Challenge- Room 5 Life Cycles



Here are the Bee Bot codes




Coding the Bee Bots:


Look at the Bee Bot disguises Room 5 designed and made:

Animals Anonymous

What does your animal need to survive in it’s habitat?

Recommendations for Students Running a Similar Event in the Future

Get along more

Be clear about what audience can touch, take and what they couldn’t

Be more focused

Don’t go on the computers lots

Be organised – knowing what your role is

Do not leave things late

Make sure your stall is eye catching

Get more food

Wear a costume because it really stands out.

Be confident when presenting. – Know what your role is and how to do it well. Practice.

Do your best.